The Fit Type coaching is a relationship built on trust, commitment and results. 

Helping you to live your best life, allows us to live ours. 


We are enthusiastic, people-centric and results driven coaches. We believe there is always a solution that will break you out from where you are now and take you to where it is you want to be. It isn't age. It isn't an injury. It isn't lack of talent. It is all within us to be better. A better dad. A better mom. A better athlete. Just better at the sport of life. What works for you is a solution based system that meets you where you are now, evolves with you as you progress and continues to elevate your life.


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Performance Partnerships


Our Stories


Founder, Coach & Director of Human Performance

I am a husband and dad with a deeply rooted passion to help others live and love their best life. I believe this can only be achieved when we adopt a "refuse to fail" mindset, develop a healthy relationship with food and live a life centered on motion.  The nudge to be better is my personal anthem that is fully expressed in my fanaticism in the pursuit of mastery. To best serve others,  I work harder on myself than I do anything else, so that I can continuously add value to those I coach. I work with a health-crusading community of adults, multisport age-groupers and youth athletes in volleyball, baseball and golf. While, the destination is divergent, they all aspire to full-fill their potential and compete at the next level of their athletic journey. 


American Military University

- M.S.- Health & Sport Sciences

- B.S.- Exercise Science

Western Governors University

- MBA- Strategical Leadership

Concordia University- Chicago

- EdD- Human Performance (Doctoral Student)


*National Strength & Conditioning Association- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

*United States Olympic Committee, High Performance Training Center- Team USA Bronze Level Coach

* BioForce- Certified Conditioning Coach

*Personal Training Academy Global: 

- Subject Matter Expert (SME) Credential 

  - Certified Personal Trainer 

  - Behavior Change Exercise 

  - Exercise & Stress Management  

  - Mindset Performance Credential L1 and L2 

*Dragon Door- Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification 

*Functional Movement Systems- Level One Expert

*Muscle Activation Technique- Upper & Lower Body Certified

*The Gray Institute- Certification of Applied Functional Sciences

*PowerPlate North America- Level One Coach 

*USA Triathlon- Level One Coach

*dotFit- Certified Specialist

*Metabolic Effect- Nutrition Consultant

*Martin Rooney Training for Warriors- Coaching Greatness

*FitPro- ViPR Trainer Certification

*Rocktape- Fascial Movement Taping Level 1&2

*Hyperwear- Level One Coach

*Personal Trainer Development Center- Online Trainer Academy Certified Coach


Partner, Coach & Director of Business Development

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Coaches Corner

Quintin Wilsford

Quintin Wilsford "Consistency is key"

NASM-CPT, PTAG- Behavior Change Specialist and Contest Preparation & Metabolic Coach

Husband & Functional Athlete

Phil Mueller "The body achieves what the mind believes."

BS- Kinesiology, United States Olympic Committee-Bronze Level High Performance Coach & Certified Spartan Coach


Yousuf Hanif "You can’t buy good health, you can only work for it!"

NASM-CPT & PTAG-BCE and Meal Prep Advisor


Elizabeth Peroutka - "My mission is to have a positive impact on each of my client’s lives by creating a memorable and unique fitness experience that is fun, challenging, appropriate and most importantly scientifically effective and designed to deliver impactful and stunning results." 

Ed.D.*, M.M., B.M., C.S.C.S., P.P.S.C., Active Aging Specialist 

Elizabeth is a Certified Personal Trainer with both a strong pre-medical and music performance education. As a young adult, Elizabeth enjoyed honing her golf skills as an East Coast Junior PGA finalist. She also trained to be a competitive soccer player and was offered multiple college scholarships for her athletic performance. Elizabeth choose to pursue a career in music performance, receiving graduate teaching fellowships and scholarship offers from The University of North Texas, Janacek Academy of Music in Brno, Czech Republic as well as Baylor University. You can hear more about her journey from musician to pre-med student to personal trainer on this special “Trumpet Dynamics” Podcast interview with James Newcomb.

A bit later in life, Elizabeth was blessed to discover a second passion for fitness, medicine, nutrition and overall health and wellness and has worked for more than two years herself as a client and intern of FTP owner and founder, Chris Ybanez. She is the proud owner of “549 Health and Wellness” which has become a thriving private training studio in Huntsville, TX. Elizabeth offers personal training in both Huntsville, TX and at “The Fit Type- Strength and Performance” in Tomball, TX. 

Elizabeth is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which uniquely qualifies her to apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. Elizabeth is trained to conduct sport-specific testing sessions, the design of which is to teach and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention. 

Additionally, Elizabeth is a Doctoral candidate in Health and Human Performance at Concordia University, Chicago. 


Sydney Young- coming soon!


Thought-Based & You-Centric Approach

Being Strong Makes All the Difference



You get the most out of life when your play-span matches your life-span. If you are someone who doesn't like exercise, you aren't alone, Let's find ways to disassociate what you don't like, so that you can find out how good your body can look and feel. For my multi-sport athletes, being strong and tireless is the Goldilocks strategy in championing your efforts.

Turning it on!

Mental Performance- Turn on the Purpose Tap!

Purpose. Drive. Inspiration. Grit. These are influences in the pursuit of flow. I want to help you find yours because let's be honest who wants to live life with out it.  Let's define what you are unwilling to allow to happen that commits you to refuse to fail.


Rest and Reload Strategies

The best, stress and then rest to achieve peak performance in life. BioHacking strategies such as hydrotherapy before bed, physician recommended hemp oil tinctures and breathing techniques can help to reformulate a stronger you. Together, we will discover how good it feels to be conscious of your physical environment.



You can't out-train a bad diet and there will never be a one size fits all approach. Some of us require decision making confidence, others must have a healthier relationship with food and the select few command best fueling practices.


Health & Sport Performance Coaching Options

A system designed to meet you where it is you are now, take you to where it is you want to be and evolves with you to continuously elevate your life.

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1:1 training 

- 60, 45 and 30 minute solutions


A needs analysis will guide us in determining which solution will be the most effective and efficient for you . 

  • Customized Programming

    • Weight Loss​

    • Injury Post-Rehabiliation

    • Athletic Performance

    • Contest Prep

  • Branded App support ​

    • Your coach will provide goal specific programming on all days you are not training in person

    • This fully integrated and all-inclusive program works to accelerate your learning, confidence and goal achievement

The Digital BreakOut Experience Program

Virtual Coach

A personal, customizable platform designed to deliver your result by connecting our resources, tools and strategies.   

  • Branded App customized virtual support

    • weight loss

    • injury post-rehabilitation

    • athletic performance

    • Contest prep 

      • Your coach will provide customized, specific programming that is calendarized per day of each month. 

      • This system caters to you, aligns with your goal and integrates the stress/rest principles to maximize your efforts.

      • This fully integrated and all-inclusive program works to accelerate your learning, confidence and goal achievement

  • Communication is offered in-app and can be discussed with your coach.


Metabolic Analysis - Active & Resting

At FTP, we partnered with PNOE to deliver what is considered the gold-standard in metabolic testing. Traditional cardio-metabolic analyzers only provide graphs of raw data or at best a canned report with training zones and your VO2max value. No support or guidance on how to get to a complete workout and nutrition program.

At FTP, we understand and value in serving as the number one resource in helping you live and love your best life. Our collaboration with PNOĒ and integrating into our service mode delivers the first complete data interpretation powered by metabolic experts. 

We are here to make sure you are fully supported and feel confident in making the decisions that are allowing you live your best life. The is an all-inclusive program designed to meet you where you are right now and guide you to the goal you have.


Sports Medicine Partnerships


Dr. Clayton Hall

Mobility Chiro Therapy offers you expert chiropractic and musculoskeletal care in The Woodlands, Texas.
People come to us for help with pain in their necks, backs, hips, and knees as well as many sports injuries and conditions. We integrate the latest recovery tools with classic chiropractic approaches to get you the best possible results.
At Mobility Chiro Therapy, our health services include whole body cryotherapy which can decrease recovery time, increase your energy, and boost your immune system. We also offer acupuncture, sports massage, and much more.

Want to hear more about how we can transform your life? 

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