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Are You Valued?

The ethos of organizational growth and sustainable success resides on it's ability to attract, develop and retain talent. It is not surprising this is of the same language as growing your brand's consumer base and activating this community into becoming advocates.

Consumers (transactional)= Employees (trades time for wages) Advocates (actionable) = Partners (trades time for opportunities)

The mindset is paramount and will always serve as the token significance.

There was a time where talent was courted, valued and placed into a hierarchy of worth. It seems that has disappeared for some, a mirage casted by others and then gleamed magnificently by a few.

There is the well-known quote "People do no leave organizations, they leave bosses." Sure, some of the time. The organizational belief system is the broadcast downloaded by management and propagated to the work force. The tone seems to be do more with less, there is no money for that and every day is close-out.

The categorically and intense feedback by the talent who are the power brokers of the business falls on deaf ears.

So, what is the talent war coming to?

It is the dichotomy of shit in one hand and hope in another to see which one fills up faster.

When you feel valued, you put your heart and soul into creating success because you feel the organization's triumphs are had because of your efforts. You are a partner- an advocate in the greatest crusade life has to offer- serving and collaborating with others in their pursuit of better.

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