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Christmas comes but once a year, so straighten up this time and don't add pounds to your rear.

The average person is set to gain between 7-10lbs over the holiday season. The weeks are loaded with the gluttony of baked goodies, weekly celebrations charged with all the food and strong drink you can heart desires. While recent statistics report only 36% of employees enjoy company office parties, these festivities have stood the tests of time.

So, what do you do!? Here are five steps that seem to drastically reduce that holiday hangover and snackcident around your waist.

  1. LOAD up on as much sleep as possible can. This surplus of Zs will help to make up for what you will lose on those blowout nights of fun. Studies show consistently being in a sleep deficit is the metabolic equivalent of diabetes.

  2. Hit the gym, preferably a HIIT session, before you shin-digs throw down. Research has shown exercise will improve glycemic index responses to sugar-pumped foods and ramp up antioxidant levels which will reduce that liver-crossfit you're about to embark on.

  3. Get your hands on l-glutamine and glutathione to help champion the oxidative stress from the Dutch courage..

  4. Load up on lean protein and green veggies sources before the party to help create satiety, fortify your gut and curb cravings that come with the marketplace of bad food choices that line the tables of every party.

  5. Do not combine alcohol with carbs, this is the biochemical equivalent of an atom bomb being detonated shifting fat storage accumulation to what is now quickly becoming a Homer Simpson chub-nuggle.

Check out Ben Greenfield's write up for a brilliant narration on the holiday hangover preventative, science to be and added tactics to bullet-proof your biology from the indulgence Holiday parties bring.

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