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Fat Cavitation- An easy way to lose fat?

Fat Cavitation is a non-invasive method of reducing unwanted localized fat. Ultrasound fat cavitation produces a low frequency ultrasound to compress the fat cell membranes with a strong wave of pressure.  The cell structure is unable to withstand the pressure and forces it to breakdown. This activity releases the contents of the cell, primarily triglycerides, into the blood stream to be transported organically through the liver and metabolic processes. There is exciting research that has the industry buzzing because this relatively safe, non-invasive procedure is showing promising results where the treated areas have shown a reduction of size in the adipocytes. Do not confuse this with cool-sculpting or liposuction where the cells go through apoptosis and/or are completely removed. This shrinks and flattens the cells which more closely favors a natural fat loss action.

Who is the ideal candidate?

- Someone who is close to their ideal bodyweight

- Someone who is in general good health

- Someone who has exhausted all options and has these last few areas of fat that just do not want to go away.

BeSpokeU has a unique system where the technology is married with movement to reinforce the fat loss process. This approach helps to accelerate results by maximizing each independent effect where together they work synergistically in helping you become leaner and healthier. The cavitation technology relies on a healthy metabolic and lymphatic system. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the cardiac, therefore circulation of fluid is activated through exercise, specifically the PowerPlate. Exercise serves as a pump and pushes stagnant fluid out of the body to detoxify the system and support your metabolism for a healthier, overall weight loss effect.

Below is the link to the FB site for BeSpokeU- book your free Discovery Session to learn more!

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