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I'm sorry- you will never exercise or run again. This is your new reality- a life lived in pain

Heather Ellzey

Your mind can be a scary place; Especially if you allow your weakness to overcome your strengths. For The last year I have a literally been fighting for my life. Imagine at the age of 36 having to learn to walk and drive all over again. The idea of running and racing I was told would be nothing more than a distant memory...

On May 7th, 2018 a doctor put an acute puncture to my spinal chord during a routine steroid injection. After being told by numerous neurologists and neuro- surgeons there was nothing they could do, my life as an athlete would only be a part of my past. However, with the help of friends and professionals from Finish First and The FitType, holistic therapy, estorative technology from Frost Wellness Center in The Woodlands and an extraordinary amount of Faith and prayer my symptoms have subsided.

Unfortunately over the last week I fell horribly ill. The symptoms came racing back as if it were the first day I was released from the hospital. The fear of starting over set in! But with added encouragement and guidance from Chris I regained my strength and could not wait to get back to training. It was literally unbelievable that within the first 15 minutes of a core exercise the numbness in my left arm and leg were completely gone.

It was at that moment I realized my body LITERALLY cannot function without core and overall strength. My body doesn’t just feel better being strong, it’s a NECESSITY!

Thanks to The FitType I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming Wood Forrest Bank Triathlon May 11, 2019! (Yes, one year after I was told it would never be possible)

Don’t let your mind or anyone else tell you you can’t do something! We are much stronger than we THINK!!!


Working with Heather and those like her, are easily the most rewarding and purpose full-filling sensations I could ask for. We all have obstacles that come in different forms. Just know, there is always a solution that exists. It is about finding that coach whose system meets you where it is you are now and evolves as you do.

That humbling road of exploration and discovery is the one that breaks you out from where you are now and takes you to where it is you want to be.

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