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Quit Blaming Your Biology!

You hear all the time that it is all downhill after 40- we lose insulation in the motor-control aspect of the brain. We convince ourselves our metabolism slows down, work consumes our life, we succumb to nature’s testosterone and vitality consuming wrath. It’s just apart of life. It is a scientific myth- you have convinced yourself that life is what it is when it is you who controls the outcome. I always loved being active- it wasn’t until post military, 2010 when it became more of who I am and how I wanted to continue to serve for the remainder of my life. I did a lot of cool shit over these years- personally and professionally. It wasn’t until I was nearing 40 when I took a self-inventory to assess the true value and wellness it my life. - beautiful wife ✅ amazing son ✅ purpose and spiritual centered life ✅ career fulfillment 🚫 physical verification and quality 🚫 At 39.9 I made two decisions that would make massive quantifiable and qualifiable differences. I left the cush and economically rewarding corporate structure and eliminated one vice- my Achilles heal that kept me from looking, feeling and living better- alcohol. We are all unique. We all have challenges. Age isn’t one of them. It is the choices we make that create the rhythm of our life. Is it your biology or the ecology that holds you back? You can resume to being the victim or create change and is only invoked through ACTION. At 40 I have never felt better, looked better, served better and lived better.

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