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Running makes you fat! Nebulous and Irresponsible.

Blanket Statements- assuming this applies to absolutely everything it is discussing.

Typically, this is a huge red flag and when you begin to breakdown the facts they are exposed for the bullshit overgeneralizations they are.

In fitness, you hear a lot of these being rattled off in your forums, gym floors and publications alike. Recently, an incredibly informed client shared an article that went to prove how women should train differently than men. Ok, sure I can see how this could be of value given there are fundamental gender differences that exercise selection and variables would have an impact on.

With that, it only takes a little research to disprove just a few statements and now we begin to question the integrity of the entire article.

Here are two:

- Women are better equipped to handle metabolic stress than men. Here is just one published, peer-reviewed study on gender differences with metabolic syndrome. Spoiler alert- 29% of women, 23% of men, 500 total participants, were classed as having metabolic syndrome. You dig a little more and you'll find similar studies spanning across 4 major countries.

- In untrained women, strength training did not elicit fiber type conversion. EVERYONE was untrained at one point in their life; it is called the beginning. Hereditary has the most influence on

fiber type distribution and then exercise adaptations.

These two were enough for my bullshit meter to ring loud. The main problem is the ripple effect these types of statements have when they are showered onto the internet with little to no thought for how they will be interpreted by the every day person looking to better their life through exercise.

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