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The Ripple Effect- Fit or Fat

Like it or not, we’re influenced by the 5 people that we spend the most time with in our lives. It affects everything from our financial situation, to the decisions we make, to our personalities. Think about if the people you spend the most time with are supportive, encouraging, and truly care about you. If not, reconsider who ‘s in your inner circle. The quality of your life depends on it.

While it may not be an exact ratio, the power of social influence- direct and indirect is evidence based and research-proven. Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler, social dynamic research duo examined data sets from the Framingham Heart Study, one of the largest and longest running health studies ever, when they realized that it covered more than just the heart health of the participants. Alarmingly, their results revealed if a friend of yours becomes obese, you yourself are 45 percent more likely than chance to gain weight over the next two to four years. More surprisingly, however, Christakis and Fowler found that if a friend of your friend becomes obese, your likelihood of gaining weight increases by about 20 percent — even if you have no clue who this person is. The effect continues one more person out. If a friend of the friend of your friend develops obesity, you are still 10 percent more likely than random chance to gain weight as well.

The domino effect of social dynamics showing the power of it's chain reaction.

This isn't aimed at severing relationships, abandoning life-long connections. It is providing insight on how powerful our influence is on others. The unintentional impact these persuasive behaviors have on those we love most.

The domino effect tips in both directions- negative and positive habits. In business, this effect is generally triggered by something unexpected. The choice you make today, right now to live your best life is the unexpected change, the butterfly effect of inspiration that invokes positive change in everyone around you.

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