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To Be or Not to Be- That WILL Always Be the Question.

If you are not consistently seeking ways to elevate your value as the professional in your space then you will be left behind and find yourself as irrelevant.

Last night, I had the pleasure of sharing time with a fella who embraces the concept of "distinction versus extinction". His role is IT, his game is O&G and he works for inarguably one of the leading service companies on the planet and one of the most notorious in terms of employee ranking and executions. I'll let you put all this together for yourself.

I was telling him how I wrote an article inspired by the corporate theory of employee ranking and applied it to fitness leadership for recovering and reorganizing struggling businesses- I call it the EPS- Entrepreneurial Performance System. While it borrowed from the theory, it was not expressed in the executables that these companies use.

I brought this to life during my 6 year tenure collaborating with club and upper level leadership in identifying breakdowns in processes and reorganize the business so that the desired outcome is motivated team members, improved leadership influence and a robust financial business model.

He shared with me what I my opinion separates mediocrity and the fanaticism in constantly adding value to yourself so that you are always indispensable.

What he did goes beyond what I am going to share, but the top 3 he expressed are the easiest for us all to promote within our own lives

- championed every new technology that was introduced (reorganize this for what you personally do)

- built a circle to support and influence beyond his immediate scope of touch (be the guy or gal who is always doing more than expected)

- assumed new projects and service roles that advocated his position in the company (again, ALWAYS deliver more than what is expected)

Work harder on yourself everyday than you do anything else, so that you can always add value to those around you.

"He who services best, profits most." Sir Arthur Sheldon

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