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We are Failing You and I am Sorry. We are Going To Do Better.

This week I had the pleasure of working with a professor from one of our acclaimed state universities. It was a discovery session for me to gather information and learn what is most important in order to live her best life. During this she shared with me how intimidating the gym is and is why she doesn't have a membership.

I asked which aspect of the gym itself made her feel this way. It was the fear of using the machines incorrectly.

Ok, that is totally understandable and you aren't alone. No, afraid to use them incorrectly and become a GYM MEME and become this viral internet joke.

HEART DROPPED- GUT PUNCH! I told her I am sorry and I take responsibility for that because it is our mission to help everyone who walks through those doors feel welcomed and confident.

It really hit home for me because I spent 6 years immersed in fitness cultures working side by side with some of the greatest people I have ever known and with a convergent mission of helping clients & members become the greatest version of themselves through fitness.

Trainers, this is a call to action. When you are not in session, I challenge to do and act on these

  1. Find one person each day that is struggling to use a machine and be their comfort zone

  2. Stand at the front desk and ask "Mr or Mrs- is there a machine or an exercise you have wanted to use or do that you haven't because you don't feel comfortable?"

This probably makes you feel uncomfortable, just imagine how they feel each time they walk into the gym. Statistically, 80-90% of gym users will quit after 90 days of use. Every day, you are the beacon of hope that they are searching for.

Be the social connection that offsets the psychology of gym anxiety.

Be the resource solution that provides the guidance and confidence to push forward.

We have to be better.


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