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What is your "why"?

It’s important to remind yourself the “why” as well as the “what” any time you’re setting a new goal, breaking a habit, or making a change in your life. Your WHY is one of THE most important things that’ll keep you going when the excuses or hesitations rear their head. Think about one goal that is really important to you right now. Write down your "WHY" for reaching that goal. If you can't come up with at least one really great answer, create another goal!

With anything in life, this intrinsic motivation compels us to serve our life's purpose and/or achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. Find what motivates you the most to do what it is you do. It is not just the reason, it is the captivating energy that keeps you grounded, throttles you forward and focused. This brings purpose, growth, inspiration and fulfillment to your life.

The life hack of "why" is fundamental and serves as a compass for you to navigate your life's course.

Simon Sinek calls it "The Golden Circle"- How, What and Why. You know HOW you live your life. You know WHAY you do to get through your days. BUT, do you know WHY you are living the life you are. Is it inspiring or uninspiring. How do you challenge the normalcy of what most consider living and actually LIVE.

WHY are you here, today, right now? Discover this and you now have moved your life into a more powerful, meaningful and inspiring trajectory of servitude.

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