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Yeah........I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday.

Alarmingly- this happens more often than not. The term “speed-up” was once a household term and now it seems it goes unrecognizable.

What is speed-up? Webster’s defines it as “an employer’s demand for accelerated output without increased pay.”

What has it been replaced with? Productivity- “well, how productive is your staff? How productive our your processes? The KPI dashboard and balance scorecard is a barometer of production.

It’s all about wringing an extra dollar out of each minute of each day. Saving on labor seems to be the Goldilocks go-to. I get it- the drives the economic engine for every organization. I read an article recently that discussed the booming revenues, but at what cost. The same cost of outstretched, overworked employees- the very same overwhelming work employees tussled with during the Great Recession.

The power of every business lies within the workforce who believes in the organizations mission. A mission who they feel so strongly about that their partnership and contribution directly contributes to the overall success.

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