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Your mind can be a scary place; Especially if you allow your weakness to overcome your strengths. For The last year I have a literally been fighting for my life. Imagine at the age of 36 having to learn to walk and drive all over again. The idea of running and racing I was told would be nothing more than a distant memory...

     On May 7th, 2018 a doctor put an acute puncture to my spinal chord during a routine steroid injection. After being told by numerous neurologists and neuro- surgeons there was nothing they could do, my life as an athlete would only be a part of my past. However, with the help of friends and professionals from Finish First and The FitType, holistic therapy, restorative technology from Frost Wellness Center in The Woodlands and an extraordinary amount of Faith and prayer my symptoms have subsided.

     Unfortunately over the last week I fell horribly ill. The symptoms came racing back as if it were the first day I was released from the hospital. The fear of starting over set in! But with added encouragement and guidance from Chris I regained my strength and could not wait to get back to training. It was literally unbelievable that within the first 15 minutes of a core exercise the numbness in my left arm and leg were completely gone. It was at that moment I realized my body LITERALLY cannot function without core and overall strength. My body doesn’t just feel better being strong, it’s a NECESSITY! 

     Thanks to The FitType I’ll be looking forward to the upcoming Wood Forrest Bank Triathlon May 11, 2019! (Yes, one year after I was told it would never be possible)

Don’t let your mind or anyone else tell you you can’t do something! We are much stronger than we THINK!!! 


Kara Bruzan

MultiSport Athlete

If your goal is to elevate your game whether it be in sport or life, I could not recommend Chris enough. 
He is a true professional with an unmatched passion for human potential. 
Being in the fitness industry myself, I look to Chris for his broad knowledge base, innovative approach and truly customized programming.

IM 70.3 World Championship
IM 70.3 World Championship
IM 70.3 World Championship
IM 70.3 World Championship
Leadville 70.3 AG win!

Dr. Cliff Taylor

I can’t Rave about Chris enough!

He has helped me with my fitness goals in a manner in which I did not even think was possible up to this point.  1st of all he is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in this industry.  In my line of work as a chiropractor it is very important for me to take care of myself and keep myself in the best shape possible.  I had always dabbled in the gym and never really had committed to anything.  The amount of time that I have spent on opening and running the practice I left that part of myself on the wayside.  I finally called Chris and told him that I needed him to basically rebuild me.  I was having issues that were related to me not taking care of myself the way I should but I didn’t really know where to turn as far as being able to work with someone who could do it with my schedule.  His specialized method had payed of thus far 10x over.  Objectively, I started out weighing 232lbs and about 22% body fat.  As of last week I am now 213lbs and 11% body fat.  More importantly I feel so much better than I have for years and now it has created a healthy habit in me that I never possessed.  His workouts that he builds for are fun, ever changing, and much different than I would have expected.  He built it around my past injuries and a shoulder surgery that his hindered me for years.  I have major shoulder issues and I do not have them anymore after his initial month with me.  His understanding of how to build them around my schedule has been key.  He is always there to answer my questions and there when I just need the motivation to keep going.  I am very lucky to have him in my life.  He has changed my whole belief system around the gym.  I no longer feel out of place in the gym.  I feel like I belong there which always had been a problem for me.  My confidence level is now through the roof.  It even has made my wife much happier that this has now become a part of me.  I am excited to keep working with him and he has literally changed my life just in the few short months we have been working together.  I highly recommend using his services.  THE BIGGEST THING THAT REALLY HAS HELPED ME IS THAT HE ACTUALLY CARES.  He doesn’t just do this because it is a job.  He gets just as excited about my results as I do.  THANK YOU Chris, there are really no words to describe my level of happiness I have right now through this journey.


Chris is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, passionate and above all else genuine. He makes sure that fitness is fun and rewarding while tailored to me as an individual. I came to him with acute back pain from poor lifting technique and debilitating abdominal pain from aggravated facia. Now 6 months later, I am lifting heavier and shaping/training my mind and body like I have never been able to before…and this is just the beginning!  Achieving goals has never been more fun nor more rewarding. My training session never fails to be the highlight of my day. Thanks, Chris!

Beth P.

Beth _Doc to Be_